5 Unique Ways To Clean Up Your Makeup Bag!

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We all know that our makeup bags can quickly get pretty dingy, especially in hot summer weather when the seals on some of your makeup products may fail.

Not keeping up with your makeup bag can cause you to waste expensive products, ruin your other makeup and even act as a trap for bacteria. If you are tired of getting gunk on the bottom of your makeup bag, here are some tips to help you thoroughly clean out your makeup bag.

  1. Clean out your eye pencil sharpener: Eye pencils have a texture that make them great for getting a distinct line on your eyes, but this texture also makes it prone to getting stuck inside the crevices of your sharpener every time you use it. This left behind gunk can make it harder to get a fine tip from your eye pencil when you want to use it again. Instead of tossing your used eye pencil sharpener you can clean it with a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol, allowing you to get into those tiny crevices. Once you have cleaned the sharpener with the rubbing alcohol, run a cosmetic makeup over it and allow it to dry before using again.
  1. Use all natural makeup minerals with a rotating sifter(that closes), that way you get the best of both worlds; green clean makeup and a travel friendly product for your makeup bag.
  1. make-up-bag-cleanupDisinfect your eyelash curler: Your eyelash curler can make your eyelashes look great, but it can also be a host for bacteria. Ensure that your eyelash curler isn’t harboring any bacteria by using a lighter to heat up the instrument and disinfect it. If open flames make you nervous, you can also use a disinfecting wipe and then allow the curler to dry before use.pretty-woman-bright-idea
  1. Get out lipstick stains from your makeup bag: Makeup makes us look great but it also presents an interesting challenge when you happen to accidently get some on your clothes. To quickly get troublesome stains out of your clothes, purse lining, or makeup bag all you will need is hairspray. Take the hairspray and spray on the affected, then allow it to dry for about 15 minutes. Then take a wet cloth and wipe at the area until the stain is gone.
  1. Get rid of old or broken makeup: Makeup can harbor bacteria, especially if it is being used after it has passed its prime usage date. Avoid getting nasty eye infections and more by routinely tossing old makeup.

Cleaning out your makeup bag and disinfecting your tools should be done with some regularity, about once a month. With these great makeup tips you can always look your best when you are on the go and avoid nasty infections from using your makeup products.


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