A rational plan for that Thanksgiving day BINGE?

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Hey, I love to eat as much as the next person… but lets face it getting through the holidays without bulking up around the waistline can really be a challenge. On the other hand, being subjected to a “hangry”, grumpster isn’t exactly a great time either. Here are a couple tips that have helped me enjoy mealtime with friends hangy logoand family without totally blowing it.

  • Keep Moving – The holidays keep us super busy; parties, family, events, etc; but still…keep yourself moving, especially if you are taking some vacation from work. Go on some walks, play with the kids, take em’ skiing, wrestle your dog, whatever! If you go to a gym or class, don’t stop for the week because of the holiday break – keep up that burn! This can really help battle those extra calories you plan on acquiring(in gravy form or not :))
  • Don’t starve yourself the whole day, because of that huge dinner coming up. This is a huge mistake that many people make. Left-overs will happen no matter what. GRAZE through the day -keep your body and blood sugars as level as possible. Your stomach has a natural sensors that notify you when its empty and full. Keeping it empty all day triggers our primal instinct to fill it by any means necessary, haha. This typically can end up with your “Eyes bigger than stomach” syndrome.
  • Drink alot of fluids… water can really keep you full. Its works very well – drink coffee , teas, water w/lemon, etc.
  • Veggies. Start that muti-layer, turkey-induced, feeding fest with your greens and coloreturkey_frenzyd stuffs first! It will prep your body for better digestion and natural craving for that 9 thousand dinner rolls you’ve been dreaming of. So make a huge salad, make it awesome, make it tasty, flavorful and unique.
  • Remember the little meals and don’t forget breakfast – I covered this already, but I promise, its really going to help!  A ribbon on the finger.
  • Just because thanksgiving is one meal with leftovers, don’t blow the whole week – and if you’re kinda hardcore, you can even deficit those extra calories the day before and after for some caloric “makeup” time.
  • But most of all ….…….



Have a great thanksgiving!

Humbly Yours,



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