Au Naturel – 5 Reason To Love Natural Minerals Makeup

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It is in the most natural and primitive forms, where true beauty is unleashed. And today, women have come closer than ever in achieving that natural perfection.

When it comes to our beauty products and skincare, only the best will suffice. Anything less than that just won’t cut it. Yet we punish our skin with those harsh parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates and other unnatural additives.

Give your skin some room to breathe. Make the natural move, opting for the best natural skincare products that offer you that pristine, flawless and natural finishing that has long been the object of your desires. Looking for more reasons to jump on the mineral makeup bandwagon? We’ve got 5! Read on to find out more:

1.     No Skin Irritation to a U.S.survey, up to 25% of people said they had suffered a skin reaction to at least one beauty product.Various chemicals, artificial scents, colors, etc filter our skin, diffusing deep within, becoming one of the underlying reasons that contribute to redness, rashes, irritation, breakouts among other things. On the contrary, natural makeup, such as mineral makeup, complements the skin, working in harmony with it, rather than against it.

2.     Designed For Individual Skin Types–Oily, Dry & Normal has been deemed one of the most common skin diseases in the United States. Affecting is your makeup contributing to the issue?

Mineral makeup is made of natural compounds that cannot cause irritation or harm to your skin. Each skin type – be it oily or dry – has different characteristics and features, requiring an individual and specifically designed natural makeup option. Luckily, you have that range with mineral makeup. Check out Ella Rose Minerals Daytime Magic Oily Skin Foundation or Flawless Magic Normal skin foundation for dry skin.

3.     A Wide Range of All Natural Makeup might think that mineral makeup is the new face in the cosmetics industry, but there’s no denying the popularity and growth it has earned over a short duration of time. Moving beyond traditional foundation,non-comedogenic makeup is now available for brighter eyes (to get rid of those unattractive dark circles), all natural lip balms, bronzers, and a unique line designed specifically for men!

4.     Not Tested on Animals, the industry has been appalled by the degrading and cruel ways that cosmetic companies have been testing their products on our furry buddies. Is it worth torturing animals, and putting them through the pain for the sake of beauty?There is an alternative, and all-natural cosmetic are principled enough to ban any of their products to be tested on animals.


5.     Gluten Free

Designed specifically to meet the special needs of individuals with sensitive skin looking for a natural, cruelty free, gluten free and non-inflammatory products. We offer you non-comedogenic gluten free formulas.

Be gentle and kind to your skin. Opt for all natural, mineral is your source for the best mineral makeup! Please feel free to browse through our website to find the perfect match of natural makeup for your skin type!

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