Discover The Comedogenicity Scale And Why Our Customers Love Our Zero Rating.

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Ever wondered why an all-natural product can break you out and still clog your pores?

You think they have the best natural ingredients and then it totally clogs up your pores! That’s because they’re using ingredients that still have a high rating on the scale. Your skin might be able to handle a one or a two on the scale but you get up to a four or five you’re talking all out major traffic jam congestion at 5 o’clock type of blockage of those pores.


Foundation Makeup for Normal Dry Skin – IAmGreenMinded

Now what exactly is the Comedogenicity Scale? The scale is rated between 0-5. The lower the number, the less that ingredient used will clog your pores. It’s simple really; let’s use the illustration of oil’s, for example Avocado oil is going to have a zero on the scale, it will not clog your pores at all. But Coconut Oil, while it smells nice on the skin, it is a four or five on the scale. I mean we’re talking blackhead city will be arriving on your skin in just about a week or two. That’s why it’s important overtime to continue to use ingredients that are a zero on the scale.


If you continually pick products that are four or five or even two or three on the scale, you’ll end up with clogged pores.  Traditional non comedogenic make up products just don’t go far enough that’s why you continually have to use more and more concealer. For example: you have a hormonal zit for example, now there really isn’t anything topically you can do much about it right? But you sure can use concealer to cover it up! And you grab that handy creamy concealer, without thinking it’s going to make the problem worse. Even if you might not notice it right away, you give it a week or two and another zit right pops up around that area.Makeup Products for Acne Prone Skin – IAmGreenMinded


Now here’s the scenario we like: aunt flow’s come to visit and she’s left for you a nice little zit upon your cheek, you reach for the concealer because I mean seriously you don’t want to go out with that thing glaring off your cheek. Only this time you reach for a concealer that is a zero on the comedogenic scale. Flawless coverage, without clogging your pores. And overtime your skin gets better and better! Ah, so much less stress!


Now imagine that scenario every day, you effortlessly apply your zero comedogenic foundation and zip out the door. And when people compliment you and tell you have such a glow, you smile knowingly that being a zero on that scale so worth it.


















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