Homemade Gift Ideas for Him on Valentine’s Day

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Homemade Gift Ideas for Him on Valentine’s Day


In as much as Valentine’s Day celebrates lovers, it is also a panic day for lovers as they pull their hair trying to figure out the right gift for their spouses. Even more troubled are the ladies as they try to figure out what to get him. You see, part of the problem springs from the fact that men show little to no sentimentalism. As such, it is hard for the lady to know what gift will have him come out of his tough exterior. Homemade gifts are a great option when looking for gifts for your man. This is because one can add their personal touch to them which is hard to do in store-bought gifts, and not to mention they do not cost as much. Here are some ideas to use to make gifts for him this Valentine’s season:date_jar


Date Jar

You know how hard it is sometime to settle on one date night idea? You just can’t decide whether to go out for a movie or order in a pizza. Well, that’s where a date jar comes in to help you become more decisive in the future. Google some great date night ideas (lots of them), then write them on slips of paper which you can put in a jar. Next time he doesn’t know what to do on date night, he’ll use the date jar for reference.

Travel Picture Frametravel_frame


If you are the globetrotting couple, its time you documented all your travels by framing the pictures. You can even be extra creative by creating the background from a map of the countries or areas you visited.



Open When Letters

This is especially rich for long-distance couples though they can still work for any couple. The idea is to come up with wonderful messages for, say, when he needs to know how much you love him or when he feels lonely. You then place the messages in their respective envelopes. Your boyfriend can go through the one that addresses his emotional need and get encouraged.message-in-a-bottle




Message in a bottle

Who doesn’t love a mystery? Well, if he does, a message in a bottle is a great away to meet that need. You can use invisible ink to write him up a message which you then place in a bottle. Invisible ink can be made from lemon juice. To know the contents of the message, he will have to hold up the paper on a light source.



Finally, one of the best gifts you could give him is to look good for him on Valentine’s Day.




You need not go overboard on it. We can give you tips and makeup options, especially makeup for sensitive and allergic skin. Check out our natural eye makeup line and dont forget that smokey eye, he will love it!








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