Non Comedogenic Makeup – Natural Skincare | 6 Insider Tips

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Natural makeup can be gorgeous!

Did you know that some cosmetic products can clog the pores in your skin?

This can lead to gross blackheads and other skin irritations. That is why careful selection of what we buy for our makeup purposes is so important. Natural and non comedogenic makeup products are good when it comes to daily skin care but zero comedogenic makeup is even better. Using natural makeup is always the best option. What are the ways in which one can take care of the skin naturally?


1. Cleanse your skin lightly.

To make sure the product is safe for use, read the labels to know the ingredients that make-up the product. Make sure the product contains ingredients derived from natural products.

2. Ensure finishing/setting sprays are pH balanced.pH_setting-spray-finishing-iamgreenminded

This is important since they will reestablish the pH level once you are finished cleansing the skin. Check the product label to ascertain that the pH level is balanced since a lower pH level can cause skin irritation. Ensure you are using a pH balanced finishing spray

3. Avoid cosmetic products which contain fragrance.

Even the ones that are labeled as unscented are not free from little amount of fragrance.  Fragrance has been known to be the cause of allergies related to the skin.

4. Make sure natural is natural.

When you go for a beauty product be keen to check that it is really natural.  There have been issues of toxic inorganic products in the beauty industry. Countercheck the label to make sure the product’s ingredients are from natural sources.

5. Check for the company values on its website before purchasing the product.

This will enlighten you on what values and philosophy the company is based on. For instance, does it test on animals for its product effectiveness?

non-comedogenic-makeup-dark-circle-concealer6. Use all natural makeup, skincare and grooming products.

Ensure that you use makeup made from natural ingredients and avoid the synthetic ingredients. Natural beauty products are normally derived from plant grown and mineral sources.

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