Not only “non”, but ZERO comedogenic?

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What does non-comedogenic mean exactly?

Seems like kind of a gray area definition.

Well, lets examine something not related at all, but everyone can relate to…pizza! pizza

Lets say you allergic to cheese. If you have a pizza that was described as non-cheesy, does that sound like it is  free of all cheese products 100%? To me it sound like its a probably not cheese, but maybe traces? Since we make  the pizza around other pizzas that have cheese, there might be some cheese dust or other cheesiness…dun dun  dunnnn , unknown! Mostly not cheesy?  Unclear how cheesy we are talkin’?

According to Webster Dictionary:

adjective non·com·e·do·gen·ic (ˈ)nän-ˌkä-mə-dō-ˈje-nik


:  not tending to clog pores (as by the formation of blackheads) <anoncomedogenic cosmetic

not tending to clog pores??

Non-comedogenic does not equal ZERO-comedogenic!

If I hear that a pizza has absolutely zero cheese, then I think that statement alone tells the quality control and clearness of the statement at hand. =  We are the first, ALL ZERO comedogenic makeup.  Get the analogy or not? I am hungry… hehe.

Finally, enjoy your pizza (and your skin!) buona giornata

What do you think ?!