Dark Circle Fighting Secrets – 3 tips to brighten under the eye

3 tips to brighten under the eye – Dark Circle Fighting Secrets! Using a Dark Circle Concealer?

Dark Circle Fighting Secrets – 3 tips to brighten under the eye 

Everyone knows that your skin is the basic element of a good beauty regimen. Your skin acts as a canvas for you to create the beauty look that you are going for. This is especially true if you enjoy going for a minimalist natural look. This is why you want to make sure that you want to keep your skin as blemish and dark circle free as possible.

Dark circles under your eyes are unsightly and they make you look years older than you already are, which no one wants. While concealer or light eyeshadow can reduce the appearance of your dark circles, they  will still remain underneath your eyes with the potential to get worse over time. Here are some tips to keep dark circles at bay, so you can look vibrant, fresh, and beautiful as you face the day:

1.      Stay Hydrated:

An important part of skin care and taking care of your body in general is making sure that you have enough water. This will keep your skin looking soft and smooth, will often reduce blemishes and will make your skin less prone to dark circles underneath of your eyes.

2.     Get plenty of rest:

One of the biggest underlying causes of dark circles is simply lack of rest. We don’t emphasize the importance of getting enough sleep for the proper functioning of our body and your dark circles serve as a warning from your body that you are not getting enough. To avoid getting puffy bags and dark circles under your eyes try to get a consistent eight hours of sleep per day.

3.     Buy a quality facial cream or concealer:

Many creams and serums offer to reduce the look of dark circles and bags underneath your eyes, but most are either ineffective or very expensive. You will want to find a cream or serum that specifically targets your under eyes. Any cream or serum that you can find with only natural ingredients is your best bet, as this will reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. One that I recommend is Bright Eyes,Under Eye Brightener, Dark Circle Concealer from the beauty company iamgreenminded.com. iamgreenminded.com only uses natural ingredients which makes their products great for anyone, especially those that happen to have sensitive skin. This particular formula from iamgreenminded.com is the best under eye brightener because it includes extracts that help your skin to lighten up the dark circles over time. Then simply apply a natural looking eye makeup to complete your look.

If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, remember these tips and transform your face with these few simple tricks using all natural mineral makeup. When targeting dark circles you are helping to reduce the look of aging, removing years from your face. You also look more friendly, bright, and alert, which can help you both in the workplace and in your personal life. Get rid of those dark circles today and enjoy a more beautiful you!

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