About Us

Enter the realm of clean and green beauty, where resilience intersects innovation, led by Mary Ellen, the visionary behind our brand. In 2005, Mary Ellen, amidst her fifth back surgery, confronted unforeseen challenges, including severe allergies and hypersensitive skin. This propelled her on a quest to formulate cosmetics and skincare solutions, catering to diverse skinMary Ellen and Family types, especially those with unique needs like hers. What began as a personal struggle evolved into a mission-driven endeavor, fueled by Mary Ellen's passion for clean beauty and inclusivity.

Each product embodies Mary Ellen's commitment to beauty beyond surface-level aesthetics, delivering exceptional results while fostering confidence and empowerment. We proudly uphold our stance against animal testing and prioritize safe, meticulously sourced ingredients, free from harmful substances.

Indulge in our premium non-comedogenic skincare and makeup, crafted to nourish skin while honoring the planet. Rooted in an understanding of sensitive skin complexities and a pursuit of excellence, our products harmonize nature with science.

In 2019, Mary Ellen faced unimaginable loss with the passing of her daughter, Izabella. Amidst profound grief, she found solace in her mission to create products that honored her loved ones and the environment. From the depths of her sorrow emerged a renewed purpose—a commitment to crafting skincare solutions that not only heal but also inspire.

Welcome to our corner of the iamgreenminded world, where sustainability meets sophistication, and compassion fuels innovation. Join us in shaping a greener, more beautiful future. What does iamgreenminded mean to you? 💚