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100% Squalane

100% Squalane

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  • FREE From Cruelty, Fragrance, Micro Plastics, PEG's, Paraben, Sulfates, Silicones, Synthetic Colors, Dyes, Synthetic Fragrance, Petroleum Derived Ingredients
  • NON Toxic, Natural, Clean Ingredients, Fragrance Free, Cruelty Free, Fungal Acne Safe, Non-Comedogenic.
  • Ingredient Transparency, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Cruelty Free Formulas, Green, Non-Toxic And Bio-Engineered For Maximum Luxury


Squalane offers numerous benefits for facial skin. As a natural moisturizer, it deeply hydrates without clogging pores, making it suitable for all skin types, even oily or acne-prone skin. Rich in antioxidants, squalane helps protect the skin from environmental damage, reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Its lightweight texture absorbs easily, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and radiant. Additionally, squalane helps to balance oil production, resulting in a healthier, more balanced complexion overall.

*This formula is fungal acne safe and non-comedogenic. 

How To Use

Gently warm a small amount in your palms
and massage it onto your face, neck, and décolletage
after cleansing.



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